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Author Don Massenzio

Here is the latest installment of ‘Extra Innings’. If you want to catch up on the other parts, you can find them here: Part 1, Part 2

Inning 1

Out 3

Joe tried to go back to sleep and finally dozed at about 5:15 AM only to be interrupted by his alarm at 6 AM. His motivation to get up and go to work was marginal and was only slightly improved by a shower. While Joe struggled to down a cup of coffee and a bagel, he couldn’t stop thinking about the dream he experienced the night before. Why would he dream about his childhood home? He loved growing up in the two family house upstairs from his maternal grandmother, but that had been over 25 years before. Then it dawned on him. The stadium. Maxwell Stadium was virtually a childhood home. It was one of the last sources…

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