Part 2 of Extra Inning

Author Don Massenzio

This week’s installment tells you a little bit more about the lonely life of our main character, Joe. Much of what you see about the businesses and surroundings in this story are taken from my actual upbringing in upstate New York. We are learning a bit about what will motivate Joe to take the actions that he does in the coming chapters.

I hope you enjoy this week’s installment of Extra Innings. I welcome your feedback. You can catch up and read Part 1 HERE.

Inning 1

Out 2 

For lunch, Joe found himself driving to the north side of town. He felt like having a good hot dog and the best in town were at Harry’s, a small 75 year-old institution that made it’s own mustard and served Hoffman Hot Dogs and Coneys brought in from Syracuse, NY. The same dogs were served at Maxwell Stadium which happened…

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