A delightful serial novel written by my good friend, Don Massenzio.
Dig it.

Author Don Massenzio

Last week, I posted the last installment of my stream of consciousness serial, Road Kill. It ended up being substantial enough that it will be edited and published in book form at some point.

I really enjoyed writing it and it forced me to sit down and write at least 1,500 words of original material each week on a schedule.

I’m now introducing a new serial in a totally different genre. It’s a genre I really haven’t published much, sci-fi/supernatural, except in the form of short stories.  This story was inspired by a book that I read. I don’t want to reveal the inspiration yet, because I don’t want to give away too much of the story beyond this introductory chapter.

For now, I’ll just reveal Chapter 1 and look for your feedback.

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