The Long, Rough Road

After all my hard, hard travelling, things about coming my way…” As I recorded this Tampa Red song I realized that it accurately described my spirit. No matter life has thrown at me. matter how far down I sunk my inner core would not give up, would not admit defeat, and would always rise again. I reflected nature. I died and then was reborn, over and over again. Just as winter gives way to spring and as seeds awaken with the thaw, I have always been resurrected into a new life.

My father, Sunshine Blackwater, had many sayings that he repeated time again until his death and after as his words rang in my memory. One of his most repeated sayings was, “Life is what you make it. If believe its shit, your life will be shit. If you believe that it is great, your life will be great.”

I chose great.

At birth I received a mixed bag of talents and deficiencies just like everyone else. The challenge of the early days was sorting out which was what. Creative ability emerged quickly as the frontrunner. Music, writing, storytelling, painting, photography, engineering, and above average, though never outstanding, athletic ability were the top gifts that I detected and developed to their utmost.

Using my musical abilities I have had the great fortune to play with many great musicians, many famous people, and a few who were both great and famous.

Currently, I have the honour and privilege of working with two of the true greats that I have met: Spade McQuade & Shawn Lightfoot.

Another gift that I received was the drive to procreate, to reproduce. To that end, I helped create five incredibly talented offspring, namely boys Ashcat, Ghost Moon, Red Moon, Lonewolf, and PJ, the girl – the Princess of the Blackwater Tribe.

As a musician on the road I used that drive as often as I could. The combination of music and horniness are the subject of this book and source for the dual title: Road Tales & Rode Tails–The story of a blessed life of debauchery.