Herein lies my unauthorized autobiography

I do ask that the reader remember that this is a work of fiction. The episodes and events herein are based upon my years on the road as a musician and entertainer. As my Cajun friends would say: “Dis may not be da way it happened for real, but ‘tis the way I choose to remember it.”

My friend, Bertie Higgins, was attempting to write a novel several years back. He called upon me for suggestions and help editing his book. During one of our conversations he related what his good friend Jimmy Buffett said to him, “Writing my first novel was the loneliest experience of my life.” I can confirm Jimmy’s words. I’ve had a lot of lonely periods in my life, but writing this book has truly been the loneliest experience of my life. But, it has also been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. As for Bertie, he gave up on the novel and became a screenwriter.

The feeling of accomplishment when I finally completed this collection of short stories was sublime. I didn’t anticipate exposing myself to the degree that I did, but the result was cathartic.

While the events are true, I did change many of the names of people who would be embarrassed by having their secrets exposed.

Thank you for reading my book and allowing me into your head.

I gareawntee that you’ll never look at musicians the same way again.