Why did this story come to this heathen Indian? Perhaps, that fact answers the question.

Below are notes from an email response to a skeptic.

I first published an article on this story in December of 2001 after over two years of interviews and research.  Researching this story was extremely difficult.

Some of the complications are:

  • It has been 30 years since Jimi Hendrix died.
  • The Hendrix family didn’t respond to my queries.  It seems that they don’t want to disturb Jimi’s memory.
  • Eric Burden refused to meet with me for a private viewing of our interview with Ron Russell – even though Mr. Burden was playing a gig a mere 30 miles away from me.
  • Michael Jeffries died mysteriously in a plane crash a few years after Jimi and is thus unavailable for comment.
  • Monika Dannemann died mysteriously of monoxide poisoning in her garage shortly after publishing her book of paintings and remembrances of her life with Jimi.
  • The London Police have been totally uncooperative.  The attitude I get from them is that they barely have time to investigate recent murders.
  • Mitch Mitchell hasn’t responded to my queries.  While I don’t expect a confession, I do expect a denial.  A quick explanation of alibi.  But all I’ve gotten is silence.
  • Many of the contacts that I interviewed were cooperative at first but then mysteriously stopped responding to me.  Did someone get to them?
  • Several of my interviewees expressed concern about their own safety and would only speak anonymously.  One informant from The Hendrix Experience days stated directly, “He has killed before.  He wouldn’t think twice about dropping me.”
  • A research trip to Seattle proved fruitless.  The Seattle Times refused to talk with me.  As did everyone else that I attempted to contact.

I decided to publish the story in order to garner a response and hopefully flush out folks with information that would either confirm or contradict Ron Russell’s allegations.

The Cafe Be At (publishing company) received many responses most of which condemned us for publishing the story.  However, none of the messages contained any information that contradicted Ron Russell’s account.  Rather than offer intellectual arguments against our story, the writers attempted to shout us down.

“Y_O_U A_R_E N_U_T_S,” wrote Marco Granetto, an avid Hendrix fan.

In an exclusive interview with Wanda Boudreaux, Marco failed to produce any relevant evidence, just more intimations of our collective insanity.
Wanda reports that, “Marco is really a sweet guy.  He’s a very passionate Hendrix fan who has read books and listened to hours of interviews of Jimi.  That is the basis of his objections.”

The Cafe’ Be At wholeheartedly stands by Ron Russell and his account of the heinous and, as yet, un-prosecuted murder of the greatest guitar player of all time, James Marshall Hendrix.