Another change in my life that I’d never have predicted. I am on my way to becoming a vegetarian. I know, no one is more surprised than me.

Over the past few months I’ve become friends with the daughters of Delaney & Bonnie. Yes, the rock stars that gave us Neverending Song of Love and so many others, but that isn’t why I became friends with their daughters. I dig them because they are talented, passionate, and intelligent human beings. I meet so few wasicu that are actually human beings.

Dakota Bramlett Tadduni, granddaughter of D&B, has become my dietary consultant. I received a new liver a few months ago causing me to begin a regimen of healthier eating. Dakota has been steering me toward a meatless diet – not an easy task. My diet requires 108 grams of protein per day. Naturally, I thought of beef, chicken, and pork as a great source of the protein that I needed for healing.

As Dakota pointed out, animal products are rife with steroids, antibiotics, and growth hormones used to augment the rapid growth and weight of the animals. I am not one to just take peoples word for anything. I did my research and found that she was right. Along with protein I was ingesting a plethora of toxins.

I started to change my diet. I couldn’t commit to an immediate change. Number one, I had a bunch of food that I’d already purchased and couldn’t really afford to replace. Plus, Dakota advised against a cold-turkey (pardon the pun) approach. So, I’m gradually altering my diet to plant-based nutrients.

The result of the progressive switch is that I feel better. I enjoy the new recipes that I’ve found, my weight has stabilized, and my brain seems to be healing at an even faster rate. Part of the liver transplant procedure results in brain injury. So, I am now officially brain damaged, though folks have suspected as much for years.

Dakota also sent me links to videos that, frankly, turned my stomach. The treatment of animals in these meat farms is appalling. I won’t horrify you with the gory details. I’ll let you do that research on your own. If you do, you’ll probably join me on this path.

By the way, for those that believe in global warming, the meat industry is the primary source of methane production that is destroying the ozone. But, you won’t hear that from your politicians or the International Summit on Climate Control. They are all bought and paid for by The Meat Industry.